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    You Tube Marketing

    YouTube Marketing Strategies

    One of the easiest ways to get your product or service in front of the world is by using YouTube. There are a few different approaches you can take to use YouTube as a video marketing tool…


    Video Creation Strategies

    • Displaying a product during first launch for product discovery-
    • Doing a product demonstration that shows your products capabilities-
    • Creating a “link bait” video that has your product or company’s name in it- it use comedy or have shock value as a facilitator.
    • Becoming an authority source of information for your niche market community – option of have customer reviews or how to videos.

    *Video creation is available upon request, and can include product placement using real video or CGI animation.


    Video Promotion

    No matter what strategy you use for creation of your videos, promotion of them is still needed for them to be seen. Technaitra will promote your videos on the web and on YouTube itself to gain awareness of them. If your company’s videos are of high quality, then users themselves will promote them after viewing.


    YouTube Channel Management

    Technaitra does the planning and promotion of YouTube channels. Your YouTube channel shall be both graphically appealing and keyword optimized to attract viewers. People who like your channel can subscribe and become repeat viewers, so it is critical to have your channel set up properly.


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