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    Twitter Marketing

    Twitter is a web service that every organization needs to utilize. Targeting thousands or even millions of users on twitter is a possibility with our services.

    Technaitra can offer you on-staff specialists to organize and manage all twitter communication for your organization.

    The social media experts assigned to your account will keep track of conversations noting your company brand on twitter.com. Negative or false statements about your brand can be repaired, and positive statements can be supported. To maximize the effect of twitter, someone must be there to leverage these opportunities for you when they occur.

    Using software, comments made on twitter about your product or service will be picked up and made present to the staff as they happen. Quick response times are a given.

    To top it off, scheduled news or industry related announcements can be broadcasted to your existing twitter base automatically. We have the abilities to generate content on the fly if this is what your company needs. Every submission or “tweet” that is made on twitter will increase brand awareness for your company. We will also organically increase your twitter “followers” dramatically, all of which will be followers in relevant demographics and niche markets.

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