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    Negative feedback on thousands of review, scam, fraud sites can severely impact your ranking as well as appear and deter to potential clients they may be seeking your product or services. Customers as well as unethical competitors often place negative feedback and reviews about your business to bring diminish your credibility and search engine rankings in attempt to better their chances of landing the leads.

    It takes highly skilled professional coupled with expensive software to properly track down and remove any negative feedback that could be hurting you brand. This is not something your average Joe would be able to carry out especially without the required software to scan the entire Internet and find any potentially malicious content. By being proactive, you can preventother potential customers from accessing this information.

    Technaitra has the staff and work ethic required to clean up your mess as well as prevent future negative remarks. We will always start by contacting any customers of yours who have left negative feedback and reconcile with them in order to have the feedback removed. A simple follow up with the disgruntled customer can be all it takes for a negative review to be removed.This process is often referred to as “Damage Control”.

    When a customer feels spited, they often are looking for a place to vent. There are many websites that exist for people like this to voice their opinion. The customer often times will spare no effort to damage your company’s image in order to obtain compensation or enact revenge.

    Other times, customers are not looking to damage your reputation directly, however as a byproduct of reviewing your product or service, this data becomes available to the general public as a byproduct. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are the general culprits.

    By being proactive about reputation management, you can reduce the chances of your company being affected by either of these types of disgruntled customers.

    Many customers know that they can search for negative reviews on a company or product by typing the companies name in Google. This is a typical action of a potential customer right before they purchase. In competitive markets, this is almost certain to happen. Don’t lose customers by having negative data float out there on your company, hire us and keep your reputation unscathed.



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