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    Portal Development

    The modern business is Internet driven and if you want to expand your business horizons, it is necessary to have a professionally developed website or web portal that vividly reflects your business. Perception System is a professional web portal development company, which provides comprehensive portal development services.

    Today's world is technology driven and if you want to spread your wings to different business horizons, it is essential to have a professionally developed websites that act as a showcase to the services you offer. Information technology is forever changing and is regularly bringing latest methodologies to streamline business operations, improve business related interactions, attain cost optimization and therefore get competitive advantages. TechNaitra offers complete Portal solutions combined with advanced technologies and business trends such as:

    • Application/web services portals
    • Knowledge management portals
    • Social networks and communities
    • B2C and B2B ecommerce portals
    • Enterprise information portals
    • Content distribution portals (Digital Docs and Media)
    • Business intelligence portals

    Portal Capabilities

    Portal capability service has a greater usability is almost all the organizations as it is designed as such to improve information technology and business operations and achieve efficiency. The working of portal capability can be divided into areas such as user interface, portal management, rich set of web services and content delivery. Moreover, by integrating practical know how and experience in application development, we offer a fully developed set of portal functionality that includes:

    Content Management

    We offer comprehensive solutions in content management that can help our client in optimizing the value at a minimal cost in each stage of the information cycle.

    Digital Data Management

    Our organization specializes in digital data management which is a technique used to capture, change and process data originated from diverse sources. It also ensures easy accessibility and also reduces the business time and expense.

    User Management

    We offer quality user management services that can be used to validate or check the authorizations of various users. In addition, it also provides methods to check the user authorizations.


    Our organization expertise in developing one of the best e commerce websites for our clients all across the globe. These websites can be customized as per the clients' specific requirements.


    Our comprehensive solutions of portal capabilities also include security services, which are widely renowned for real-time integration of functionality and research and its business focused reports.

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