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    Keyword Analysis

    Upon initiation of a search engine optimization campaign, your company will require extensive analysis on the targeted keywords that you are choosing to optimize. Technaitra provides comprehensive keyword analysis and competitive landscape assessment that explains our required plan of attack specific for ranking any targeted keywords.


    The Formula

    Each SEO campaign is 100% unique and custom tailored to your specific needs. When looking at your keyword analysis report, you will see that clearly see what has to be done with our strategic plan on how we can achieve your goals. This report explains what SEO factors your competitors have on their sites that may allow them to rank on the first page for each of your desired keywords.

    Some of the SEO factors that will be covered in your keyword analysis report are as follows:

    • Keyword Density Report
    • Domain Name Report
    • Link Popularity Report
    • Web Page Authority Report
    • Webpage Speed and Functionality Report
    • W3C and HTML Validation Report
    • Anchor Text Report
    • And More

    Armed with your keyword analysis report, you will be able to make an informed decision about what actions you should take for your SEO plans. Technaitra can help your company perform the recommendations made on your report to reach your search engine ranking goals.

    If you would like more information on our link building services, please contact us at sales@Technaitra.com or 1-855-855-1623.

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