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    HR primarily aims to discover the right talent at the right time, ensuring that people experience delight in becoming part of your organization for a long and fruitful career. We also focus on building everlasting and enduring relationships with all our stakeholders. This, we achieve by bridging talent and industry's requirement for people with the right skill sets .

    TECHNAITRA HR is distinct and different. We are distinct in offering real-time recruitment consulting services to our clients. We are different for our strong client-focus that is inherent to our offer of HR consulting services. We further our operations by adhering to high standards of Client & Candidate engagement. Quality of people is addressed as a matter of priority through custom learning and training programs. Employers are assured of quality people, beginning from management trainee / entry level positions to people of top management.

    HR understands that different employers have diverse people needs. To understand the demand variability of employers, we have adopted the right thought and approach process.

    • Identify and understand corporate values built over a period of time; the organizational ethics that is based on business processes and customers' expectations.
    • Define new ways of problem analysis and establish linkages through inter-disciplinary understanding.
    • Build winning teams charged with passion to excel and deliver.
    • Demystify the complexity surrounding HR issues by making our services more users friendly.

    HR offers cost effective and custom HR services to both Small and Medium enterprises, and large-scale businesses operating across geographies. We equally excite and delight our stakeholders - job aspirants and industry. We guarantee not just a suitable position but enable consistently in building careers of a life-time. Learning and training are continuously focused to match skill-sets with job requirements and to strengthen the bottom line to create work-life balance.

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